2011. július 4., hétfő

Pinkeep Project

I simply love cross stitch. For me it's a healing colour therapy, stolen time when the world disappears. Just my needle, threads, some canvas and me. Here in Hungary stitching and embroidery (not to mention crochet) are known as a way of killing time for old ladies. Thick glasses and silver bun are indispensable. I won't assure anybody, not me. Smiling inside, I think of all the happy stitchers of the world who enjoy this tranquil happiness.

So, I had some leftover canvas, just a small longish piece, I planned to make some pinkeeps from it. I used pieces from the pattern of The Drawn Thread's Flower Boxes, I just changed the colours:

 After stitching here are the materials needed (wool is missing from the photo, and I didn't use the lace after all):

Then I put the right sides together and sewed the front to the back (a kind of homespun I found in a second-hand):

then turned inside out and stuffed with wool:

put handle into it:

And finished with some stitches:

Finally I just lost in admiration :) Ta-dah:


Put in nature :)

Now they are sunk in a box waiting for "their time". Seven mini-surprises.

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  1. Szépséges kis párnácskák! Régebben én is keresztszemeztem egy-két dolgot: a fiúknak adventi naptárat, majd megmutatom. :)