2011. augusztus 5., péntek

Yearly Shopping Spree in Kapolcs

I just hate plazas. I don't fit in - even my best form, size s - not to mention my current xl shape (my excuse is brestfeeding, hmmm ;)). It doesn't mean I'm free from the typical female adoration for shopping: I'm instantly swapped by pleasure and excitement seeing a handmade goods stand, no matter where and what. You can imagine how I feel in an array of them, a sheer paradise. Better than Christmas, birthday and eeeer... Chidren's day altogether (well, as far as I'm concerned :)) I cannot stop spending money till my purse is perfectly, absolutely empty.
It was the sixth pilgrimage we've taken to the Valley of Arts, in the beautiful Uplands of the Lake Balaton, according to me it is the Provence of Hungary :). Kapolcs, a picturesque village, the centre of the festival provides space for a great meeting of Hungarian artisans. I wouldn't miss it, not me. I daydream about it for long months before that. Now I won't talk about the other wonderful programmes you can find there, galleries, exhibitions, concerts, performances, etc. etc. etc. I just want to show what I've bought this year.

First of all, this cute dotted jug. I feel a kind of affinity with it, it's like me, hand on the hip. :)
By the way, I've always wanted to be a potter, to make thousands of cups, mugs, jugs and bowls just for myself. I can't have enough of them...

Then here is this handpainted candle holder made of tiles. I love its shabby look.

I fell in love with these lovely ones for the first sight - a plant holder and a birdnest.

 Made by Greenwillow Spinning Mill (Zöldfűz Fonoda)http://galambhaz.hu/

My daugher Panni painted this little holder herself, it is made of raku - a kind of white clay - and after painting it was burnt out. We are very proud of it.

A flower with a ladybird, Panni's choice again for our garden.

It is from Goblin Yard, which is the highlight of the exhibition and fair. We never ever miss it.

These mushrooms are the flower's big brothers: we bought them some years ago from the Goblin Yard.

Just a bit of fortaste from Goblin Yard. This photo was taken a few years ago.
See more here: http://www.manomuhely.hu/

And of course I cannot go home without souvenirs, I chose natural handmade soap (chocolate-orange and marigold) for my loved ones - I always want to bite into them, look so yummy... :)

Tiny honey selection for the sweet toothed, this one is cinnamon, mulberry and bear onion (or what in English...)
I simply love these little sweeties.

Handmade earrings one for me, one for my BFF Judy.

So, who on Earth dares to miss Kapolcs fair next year? I will be there, no matter what. :) Oh, and one more thing: you can see all the photos are taken at home. Hm, I just... er... I was too busy shopping, forgot to take photos there...

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