2011. június 23., csütörtök

Throw a blanket to granny...

...So crochet has proved to be a permanent love for me (it has survived the magic 3 months :) ). But. So many patterns, so little time, I had to decide. I'm not full of confidence enough to run my head against making clothes, so I chose blankets and throws - what can be easier than crocheting granny squares going round and round and round without counting? Here is my first baby blanket in use:
... and displayed:

Squares are from here

Edging is from attic24's free tutorial

I joined the squares with single crochet. I admit I found the yarn in one of my favourite second-hand shop... although it was brand new in original packing, not leftover. OK, and acrylic... but soft.

Then I wanted something larger. Much larger... I got a new-found confidence, and I bought yarn from a web shop, still acrylic, what if I fail.. (In Hungary quality yarns cost a fortune, at least according to me...) So I used Margareta (Red Heart) yarn. Here is the result:
 The pattern of the square is downloaded from here. The squares are also joined with sc.

then came the edging, so I turned to the good attic24's free tutorial  .

At the moment I'm working on a blanket for my daughter. She requires something colourful. OK, she'll get it. So work in progress:
 Unfortunately the photo does not gives the original colours (they are much more beautiful). As you can see I tried something new: attic24's (who else?) hexagon blanket, found here . Wow, she is incredible.

This time I used better yarn: Patternworks Sunapee, 55% cotton, 45% silk.

And at last I took myself to learn another new thing: the joining-as-you-go method, attic24 presents on the same place. This is where I am.

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  1. Jaj, bajlódom az angollal, de legalább én is gyakorlom valamicskét! :) Nagyszerűek ezek a takarók, és nagyon hangulatos a fejléced is, saját kiskert? :)

  2. Muszáj az angolom karbantartanom, mire visszamegyek dolgozni, leépülne... Meg persze hajtanék nemzetközi kapcsolatokra is :) Igen, a saját illatos fűszeresem :)Hát, a takarók meg az első darabok, bízom benne, hogy fejlődöm majd...

  3. Preciosas las mantas de ganchillo, me encantan!!! son muy bonitas y el colorido es precioso!! besos