2011. június 21., kedd

My first crochet creations (AKA how a love story began)

For me being pregnant, expecting a new life also means a rush of creativity, an intense must for making something instantly touchable. At the begining of the seventh month I started to feel THAT- a tickling little finger all over my body waking me up in the middle of the night, making me switch my netbook on and search for inspiration on the web (oh no, not my baby, he was sleeping peacefully in my belly, good boy). After savig tons of cross stitch patterns (another passion, another story), still unsatisfied, destiny had mercy on me - it drove me to my old classmate's crochet blog. I'm absolutely the type of 'love at first sight' in every respect, and I didn't deny myself in this case either. Seeing her adorable masterpieces, those sweet crochet dolls coming from her fantasy I was fascinated, and knew I found a new love. Have a look at them and fall in love with them as much as me here .
In a week I learnt the basic stitches thanks to my mother-in-law and the holy Internet, God bless both, so I was able to make my first amigurumi by Hekka's first tutorial see here . The result :

Not the best picture, I know. So I went on searching. As a result, I found attic24's blog, and her colours shocked me. Another inspiration. The next piece came from here, another free pattern, I made this tiny bag for a friend's daughter as a gift :

I love making flowers too, I made this brooch as a gift too:
So this is how it began. Next time I'll show you how I went on. By the way, these little fingers have been tickling me from outside since then :), my sweet second one.
God, I've just realized how many things I want to write about... Even if  only to myself :). Wow, my first post.

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  1. Üdv a fedélzeten! :)
    Szuper lett a bagoly, úgy örülök, hogy érthető a minta! Szép a szütyőke is!
    Kíváncsian várom a folytatást! :)))

  2. A pingvin még szebb lett (jó mintából könnyű dolgozni ;), de nagyon szomorú a története...:'(